SDSM has no honest intentions in the Bulgaria dispute and undermines the foundation of Macedonia, that’s why it rejected the Declaration for GoceDelchev


The idea why a Declaration for protection of the character and work of GoceDelchev was submitted is because it marks 150 years since his birth and in conditions when we saw that the government does not take any action and we faced a situation where the Bulgarian state organized numerous events and issued honorary coin, scientific debates, concerts, and there was nothing in Macedonia, and the Prime Minister did not even appear at the grave of GoceDelchev, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice PresidentAleksandarNikoloski, emphasizing that SDSM by rejecting the Declaration showed that it has no honest intentions in the dispute with Bulgaria.

Nikoloski stressed that SDSM showed that they are against preserving the character and work of GoceDelchev and that the fact that other key historical figures from the Ilinden period are part of the negotiations with Bulgaria and that means undermining the foundations of the Macedonian state is worrying.

“The modern Macedonian state has a clear continuity, and the battle for the modern Macedonian state begins in the 19th century through the riots, so the process of revival, a strong educational process, continues through the great Macedonian uprisings. This struggle gets a crown with the Ilinden Uprising, but it does not stop here, there is a continuous battle and a continuous Uprising takes place on the territory of Macedonia which gets its peak with World War II, NOB and ASNOM as a crown which is a state-building form of a part of the territory of Macedonia and its definitive state-building form with independence and the 1991 referendum. And no one must undermine this, and now it is hitting the key figures, which means it is hitting the foundations of the Macedonian state,” said Nikoloski.

Nikoloski stressed that in such a situation it is worrying that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a competent institution for defense of the interests of the Macedonian state has no reaction to numerous provocations coming from Bulgaria.

Regarding the question of whether a solution to the dispute with Bulgaria is possible at the moment, Nikoloski stressed that there is no good will on the part of Bulgaria and that the big problem is that the Macedonian government does not show good results in other fields to put pressure on Sofia.

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