Inflation is already higher than in the Eurozone, which is critical for monetary policy, says Slaveski


Our inflation since 1997 has so far been within that of the Eurozone. But the first signs that there are disorders are already present. The latest IMF report on the analysis of Macedonia shows that in the last two years we have been losing the competitiveness of the domestic economy. The inflation projections in the last few years are higher than those of the Eurozone, VMRO-DPMNE EC member Trajko Slaveskitold TV 24.

The expert added that the most critical thing is that all forecasts are that inflation will continue to be higher than that of the Eurozone and then the monetary policy is called into question.

“Public debt has exceeded 60%, the total external debt of Macedonia is at the highest level of 80%. What we are constantly saying is that the red light is on in borrowing. And this is related to the populism of the government, as we see now, if you raise the salaries of only one category, not to raise the other categories. The consequences are such that there are no easy solutions, the work has gone far,” Slaveski said.

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