Nikoloski: We must negotiate very carefully with Bulgaria, so far at least 3 agreements have not been respected by the Bulgarian side


Bulgaria does not have a positive past in fulfilling agreements with Macedonia. So far, there are at least three agreements that have not been respected by the Bulgarian side, in the 90s Gligorov – Zhelev, after that in the 99th year Georgievski – Kostov, and after 2017 when there was an agreement between Zaev – Borissov. And none of those agreements are being respected. That is why I think that the negotiation process must be entered very carefully, primarily in terms of guarantees that were not in the previous agreements, because we still have a problem with Bulgaria, and not with Denmark, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski in an interview with “Morning Briefing”.

Nikoloski added that there were no leaders’ meetings since Dimitar Kovachevski was elected Prime Minister.

“When Dimitar Kovachevski was elected, he initiated a leaders’ meeting which, as you can see, does not happen, although I do not want to be indiscreet, but in certain communications within the Parliament we have repeatedly asked what would be the intention of the leaders’ meeting. Now there is no such communication, i.e. unfortunately that leadership meeting did not take place. And, the best way to exchange opinions is at such a type of meeting where you will see who is where. And now we are only going to make assumptions. Having in mind the past and having in mind experiences from the past, it is quite common for us to be suspicious,” Nikoloski stressed.

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