Governor Angelovska-Bezhoska: The banking sector is in good condition – capital adequacy is among the highest in the past decade


The banking sector in our country, according to the latest available data, has the capacity to deal with possible shocks, and at the same time to provide solid credit support for the recovery of the economy. Capital adequacy is one of the highest rates we have had in the last ten years, banks are liquid and non-performing loans are low. The direct exposure of the banks to the Russian and Ukrainian economy is minimal, while we do not have Russian and Ukrainian banks, said the Governor of the National Bank Anita Angelovska-Bezhoska in an interview with the national television MTV.

“Capital adequacy is 17.3%, which is a higher level compared to the pre-crisis level and is one of the highest rates we have had, in general, in the last ten years. Liquidity is also at a solid level, in fact in our country the banking system is traditionally characterized by a high level of liquidity. Non-performing loans did not grow at all during this crisis period. On the contrary, they gradually, moderately decreased and now amount to about 3.3% in the total loans”, points out Angelovska-Bezhoska.

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