Epidemiologist Stojanov estimates that COVID measures should remain in force for a little longer


Some countries in Europe have completely abolished anti-COVID restrictive measures, some are gradually relaxing them. Some have announced that they will soon end the restrictions following the guidance of world experts that the coronavirus is slowly losing its strength and the pandemic could come to an end.

In general, the number of new COVID-19 cases is decreasing globally, and we have a similar situation in Macedonia, i.e. the numbers are slowly decreasing and there is no pressure in hospitals to hospitalize new patients. But the country is officially still in the yellow phase, and according to the health authorities, for the complete abolition of the measures we need to be in a very safe green zone. The same opinion is shared by the epidemiologist Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov, who told Faktor.mk that the past two years of experience with the pandemic show that the unpredictability of the virus has contributed to millions infected and even more, to millions who died due to COVID-19 complications.

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