Opposition reveals scandal: Officers are sent on missions without a NATO security certificate


Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska, following in the footsteps of her fellow party member and predecessor Radmila Shekerinska, sends staff to missions outside Macedonia without respecting the basic conditions, which is for the candidates to have NATO security certificates. Officers are sent on missions without fulfilling the necessary conditions, only if they are related to the political leadership, accused MP and member of the Executive Committee of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE Mile Lefkov during Friday’s press briefing.

“According to the party’s information, the country has a case of a serious security flaw when a senior ARM officer was returned from the KFOR mission in Kosovo. Namely, there are indications that the services had certain information that the officer does not meet the criteria, but after some political influence from former politicians from the same village where he comes from, the village of Murtino, Strumica, the officer left for a mission without a security certificate,” said Lefkov.

The opposition MP reminds that this is not the first time such a security omission has been made, alluding to a similar situation in the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, when people were sent without security certificates, who could not perform any activities, could not even move freely through the bases.

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