President Pendarovski signs list of pardons


President StevoPendarovski has decided to pardon convicts, and the list includes the name of AbduljfetaAlimi, a member of the parliamentary security who was convicted of the April 27 events, of whom the leader of the Alliance for Albanians claimed he had saved his life. There are four other people on the list signed by Pendarovski.

“Instead of selective justice by President Stevo Pendarovski to extend the pardon decision to all unjustly convicted prisoners”, commented the MP from VMRO-DPMNE, Mile Lefkov, answering a media question about the list of pardons of the head of state and convicted persons for the parliamentary events of April 27, 2017.

Lefkov stressed that there should be non-selectivity in justice and decision-making.

“The Ministry of Justice submits pardon proposals to the President’s Office. The Pardon Commission, as a working body of the President, reviews and evaluates the cases and submits proposals to the President which persons should be pardoned in accordance with the legal grounds – says the President’s Office and add that the pardoned persons, whose decisions are published in the Official Gazette, are which meet the conditions and for which the Commission has given a positive recommendation.

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