Minister Nikolovski expects Serbia to confirm the promised wheat export


Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Ljupcho Nikolovski will meet on Tuesday with his Serbian counterpart, Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimović. From the meeting in Belgrade, Nikolovski expects another confirmation that Serbia will deliver to the country the necessary quantities of corn and wheat for domestic millers.

As Nikolovski said, the harvest will require about 50,000 tons of wheat.

“On Tuesday, we are meeting in Belgrade with the Serbian Minister of Agriculture. I hope that we will agree on the dynamics for delivery of the required quantities of grain. I believe that the support and solidarity of the Serbian side will be confirmed for the second time. President Vučić confirmed, and I talked to Minister Nedimović. I believe that everything will go in the direction of facilitating and enabling the quantities we need from the harvest,” said Nikolovski.

According to the minister, 75,000 hectares of wheat have been sown in 2022, or 3,000 hectares more than last year. We will have 255,000 tons, while the needs are around 300,000 tons. But the whole production is not of adequate quality.

Nikolovski reiterated that a change in the model of commodity reserves will be proposed.

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