Gjorchev: Macedonian political elite has turned quiet over the issue with Bulgaria, no one knows what’s happening in the negotiation process


Our political elite has turned quiet over the agreement with Bulgaria and went to another process, i.e. that they are some negotiations that if presented to the public will damage the secrecy of the process and to this day it is so that we do not know what is being negotiated with Bulgaria, said the former Ambassador to Bulgaria Marjan Gjorchev in an interview with Alfa TV.

“The MPs in the Parliament starting from 2018 until today do not know what is happening in the negotiation process. So far, the positions of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia could be discussed and all political actors could contribute to improving that negotiating framework between Bulgaria and Macedonia,” Gjorchev said.

Gjorchev stressed that during the meeting initiated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani for a meeting with the former ambassadors to Bulgaria, he indicated that it was his duty to request a closed session in the Parliament.

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