20% of Albanians live in Macedonia, demographic policies are not conducted with emigrants, says DS leader


Only 20% of Albanians live in Macedonia and their political leaders should take responsibility for that, said the leader of the Democratic Union (DS) PavleTrajanovduring TV 24’s “Studio 10” political show.

“They were happy that 30% managed to present themselves as Albanians. But if 90 percent are Macedonians out of about 130,000 unwritten, then what will be the percentage of Albanians? It will be about 20 percent, we did an analysis, but we should not be happy about that. Albanians have all the rights. What is the responsibility of the Albanian political leadership, their citizens who emigrated from Macedonia? Did those factories bring young people to work, so that there is a unique and mutual understanding between all citizens?” Trajanov asked.

According to Trajanov, about 90 percent of the 132,269 citizens who were not registered as residents, representing 7.3 percent of the total number of 1,836,713 registered, are ethnic Macedonians.

As the party leader adds, it is a big mistake to include non-resident population in the census, because, as he said, demographic policies cannot be conducted with expatriates.

“Non-residents should be left out and an expert group should be formed to study the comparative data and make an analysis of the census. Thus, if we seal the census, extremism and nationalism will break out, which we do not need in these turbulent times,” says Trajanov.

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