FVA: Kinder products are preventively withdrawn from the domestic market


The inspection services of the Food and Veterinary Agency (FVA) conducted an extraordinary inspection of the food operator Atlantic trade DOO Skopje, an importer of Ferrero products. The control was carried out on the basis of the notification received from “Ferrero” – Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, which informs that for preventive reasons several series of Kinder products are withdrawn from the market in Macedonia, FVA informed on Wednesday.

According to the notification from Croatia, the series of products whose expiration date expires on 03.10.2022, 23.08.2022, 02.06.2022, 07.07.2022, 15.07.2022, 11.06.2022,11.06.2022 and 30.06.2022 are withdrawn from the market in the country.

On Wednesday afternoon, the FVA received the notification from the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed for Food (Animal Feed) (RASSF) of the European Union, which alerts that a suspicious chocolate product from this manufacturer has been placed on the market in the country.

The FVA informs Macedonian buyers who have bought this type of product, not to consume it, and to return it to the place where they bought it.

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