Those living abroad cannot be part of the total population, says Trajanov


The Parliament should discuss the census and adopt amendments to the Law on Population Census, complete the data on 132,000 unregistered citizens, and the Government should form a nine-member expert commission that will check the census data and eliminate possible errors, demanded MP and leader of the Democratic Union (DS) Pavle Trajanov, who noted that he has already submitted the request to Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi.

“The Parliament must adopt amendments to the Law on Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in the Republic of North Macedonia, which will exclude non-residents from the census. By cross-referencing the data from the records, but also by direct contact with the persons who did not register, to collect the data according to the census questionnaire. The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia must establish an Expert Commission composed of nine members, which in cooperation with the State Statistical Office and other state institutions will check the census data and eliminate possible errors,” said Trajanov.

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