Domestic e-traders earned 335.3 million euros last year, 47.9 percent more than 2020, says the NBRM


Since the beginning of the pandemic, e-commerce globally has grown significantly, so in Macedonia there was a large increase in the number and value of online transactions, mostly in transactions with domestic cards to domestic e-traders, said the NBRM.

“Although the pandemic numbers are falling and things are already returning to normal, the growth of newly opened e-shops, as well as the number and value of realized e-transactions continue with greater dynamics than before the pandemic. According to the latest published data on payment statistics from the NBRM, 335.3 million euros flowed to domestic e-traders in 2021, which is an increase of 47.9% compared to 2020. 5% of them are realized with foreign cards, while 95% with domestic payment cards.

Regarding the value of e-transactions made with domestic cards to foreign e-merchants, there is an increase of 113% or in absolute terms, 101.8 million euros were realized in 2021, compared to 47.8 million euros in 2020. The reduction of this segment of transactions in 2020 was expected given the pandemic and travel restrictions, as well as the slow delivery of products, but it is obvious that in 2021 these segments begin to function to a large extent and therefore the value of e-transactions with domestic payment cards to foreign e-merchants exceeds the level it was in 2019, ” said the NBRM.

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