The entire “Kinder” range produced in Belgium withdrawn from the market in Macedonia


Atlantic Trade Skopje DOO Skopje announced that as a distributor of the range of the company “Ferrero” in the country, at the request of the manufacturer “Ferrero”, it expands the withdrawal from the market of the entire production of Kinder Shokobons, Kinder Surprise Maxi 100g and Kinder Mini Mix Peluche.

The company emphasizes that only those products that are produced in Arlon in Belgium are subject to withdrawal from the market.

Ferrero has reportedly temporarily closed its factory in Arlon, Belgium, in the context of an ongoing salmonella test in cooperation with food safety authorities. With immediate effect, all production of Kinder Chokobons, Kinder Surprise Maxi 100g and Kinder Mini Mix Pelushe, by Arlon, is withdrawn.

“As a responsible distributor, we take all the necessary steps to maintain complete trust from customers and act to quickly withdraw the listed products from the market. We ask consumers if they already own any of the above products, not to consume it. They can return it to the point of sale where they bought it, as well as contact the consumer care team at [email protected],” the reads the press release.

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