Mickoski on Zeqiri’s crime: The least this illegal prime minister should have done was apologize


During Monday’s visit to the municipality of Kohcani, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, asked by the media regarding whether he expects justice for the “Poshti” case and former Secretary General Muhamed Zeqiri, said that the least credible prime minister should have done was apologize, along with the real prime minister who is spending the money which we now see how it was made.

“The least I expected was for this illegal prime minister to apologize because his secretary general was caught in a heinous crime and the least he needed to do was to appear before the citizens and apologize along with the one who is the high prime minister and who is spending his money today acquired in the way, well you saw how this money was acquired. There is no justice in Macedonia, but soon as of today, immediately after the early parliamentary elections, the prosecution and the judiciary will be released, which have clearly shown us how they work, the Minister of Interior, the prosecutor on the left, the judge on the right, no one mentions who is the judge who sat next to the minister, and what is his importance when making decisions who will be prosecutors and judges, the public and the media should investigate this topic much more seriously. It is a clear indication that we live in a captive state, a state in which we have neither a free prosecution nor a free judiciary, that is why our level of trust is modest 8 percent, and that is why the citizens do not believe in justice. That is what all those who have dealt with both prosecutors and judges say. But as of today, all that will be released and justice will finally be able to come to Macedonia, and with justice, the citizens will be able to live more comfortably and have greater trust in those institutions,” said Mickoski.

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