Price of lamb meat to go up for the Easter holidays – over 200 denars per kilogram of live weight


The price of lamb live weight at the moment is around 160 – 200 denars per kilogram. Manufacturers expect an increase for the upcoming Easter holidays, but still do not specify how much the price increase will be.

The price of lamb is relatively low this year, as all raw materials and food have doubled in price. I sold my lamb from the first round for 160 denars per kilogram. I expect that the lamb will be more expensive for the holidays and that the purchase price in the peak will exceed 200 denars, but we will see, because the domestic calculation cannot be made on the market, says Petre Peshov, a cattle breeder from Vinica who has about 300 heads of livestock.

“The price of lamb is fluctuating and constantly rising, every day. I could not say a specific value at the moment, but the purchase price is around 200 denars and it is constantly growing. The real price if we take into account the production costs, would be over 230 denars. The production price has not been covered for years and that is one of the reasons for the decline of sheep breeding in the country. For the Easter holidays we expect the total price to increase. The selling price in the butcher shops is now 400-500 denars,” said the president of the Association of Sheep Breeders “Modern Shepherd”, Nikola Georgiev.

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