Opposition says substantial education policies are needed to boost private sector development


At the tribune entitled “Higher salaries for education staff” which was held today at the headquarters of VMRO-DPMNE, Anastasia Ilieska said that ‘in any crisis, we must be a few steps ahead and anticipate the things that should be happen, i.e. by following the trends in Europe and the world, we know the same how they will be reflected on our economy and country’.

“During the pandemic as a trend in all Western European countries the number of jobs fell, we had a lot of layoffs, unskilled retraining, etc. and that percentage was somewhere around an average of 6%, while we were leaders unfortunately with 12%, Albania with 9%. Only Serbia, from the reduction of the pandemic until today, has reached the level it was in 2019. So things can happen if we want to solve the problems substantially and not just superficially.

We should be aware that the world will never be the same again, there will be some relative normalcy, there will always be a crisis, but we must always be a few steps ahead and anticipate the things that should happen to us. Essential policies that encourage the development of the private sector inevitably strengthen the capacity and resilience to take stimulus measures in the public sector,” said Ilieska.

Ilieska added that something we must pay great attention to is the emigration of quality staff from Macedonia to the world, but mostly to European countries


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