Teachers’ strike continues until all disputed issues are resolved


The strike in schools and kindergartens will continue, decided the Council of the Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture (SONK), after reviewing and adopting its views on the conclusions that emerged from yesterday’s government session.
“The strike will continue until we agree on the disputed issues and sign an agreement on them,” SONK President Jakim Nedelkov told a news conference on Wednesday.
According to SONK, the Government’s conclusions on Tuesday do not lead to resolving disagreements with the Government and believe that there is a huge pressure on teachers and educational staff in kindergartens.
Contrary to the Government’s conclusion that the MLSP and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy will pay only contributions to the strikers, SONK says that this is not the case and that the ministries are obliged to pay them salaries.
“Certain ministers are trying to persistently intimidate supporters that their per diems will be cut in the days of the strike, which we consider an attempt to prevent the strike. In addition to the legal right to payment of salary during a strike, there are articles of collective agreements that specify the payment of per diems, which states: The employer is obliged to pay wage compensation to the workers during times of strike, to the workers participating in the strike in the amount of the basic salary of the employee if the union organizes a strike for violation of the rights established by law, collective agreement or act of the employer. Therefore, they should not fear that their per diems will be cut short,” Nedelkov said.

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