Over 630 thousand tons of municipal waste were collected last year, all of which were taken to landfills



A total of 632,087 tons of municipal waste were collected in the country last year, which is an increase of 0.3 percent compared to 2020. As much as 99.8 percent of the collected waste is dumped in landfills, according to the State Statistical Office (SSO).

According to the data, the largest amount of collected municipal waste is in the Skopje Region – 176,917 tons or 28 percent of the total collected amount. Of the total amount of waste collected, 528,261 tons or 84 percent are from households, and the remaining 16 percent are commercial waste from legal entities and individuals.

Most of the collected waste is mixed municipal waste – 522,914 tons or 82.7 percent, and the smallest amount is rubber waste – 1,598 tons or 0.3 percent of the total.

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