Free fall of the economy and agriculture


Part VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski’s opinion piece for the weekly political outlet Fokus:

“There are no new foreign investments in Macedonia, no new jobs, no new success stories of young entrepreneurs in the country who with their capacity, energy and knowledge should be the pillar of the Macedonian economy. There is no support for young entrepreneurs to open new businesses and the state to use their capacity. The mass exodus of young and educated people is almost silent.

There are no economic measures that will improve the conditions for job creation, or in times of crisis at least the existing jobs to be retained.

Recently, the data came out that Macedonia has the lowest GDP growth of all countries in the region. GDP growth in Macedonia is 4%, for comparison in Kosovo it is 10.5%, Serbia 7.4%, Greece 8.4%, Montenegro 12.4%.”

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