We need repentance and forgiveness like never before, says HH Stefan


 The head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church HH Stefan addressed the public on the occasion of the greatest Orthodox Christian holiday – Easter.

“Wars, diseases, poverty, hunger, carelessness for the helpless do not stop despite all the accumulated knowledge and achievements of our time. And why is that? This is because humanity, in spite of all its development and progress, has remained the same and unchanged since the day its forefathers were expelled from the Garden of Eden! That is why the path to the restoration of our fallen human nature begins with repentance, followed by constant love of God and love of man. The challenges facing our generation, on the other hand, confirm that we need this transformation like never before. We are creating and living a time full of temptations, a time in which reason is obviously rejected and, above all, the law of God is forgotten,” HH Stefan said in part of his Easter address.


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