I regret that the government does not have the wisdom and state-building capacity to accept VMRO-DPMNE’s extended hand to find a way out of the crisis


Asked about the proposal made by VMRO-DPMNE for the four working groups to help the Government out of the crisis, which was rejected by the government, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said that he regrets that there is no wisdom and state-building capacity in the Government at times when the people it needs unification.

“I regret that in SDSM and the government there is no wisdom or state-building capacity and I regret that they do not act like this in moments when the people need unification. What we see from Kovachevski but also from the others in the Government, but also from SDSM, is everything not just what the people need. I cannot understand them. Are the papers, the tete-a-tete tenders and the privileges that they enjoy on the backs of this suffering people so important to them? I cannot understand how they can start and end the day when they know that the vast majority of citizens want this government to leave and the vast majority of Macedonian citizens say that Macedonia is moving in the wrong direction,” Mickoski said.


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