Albania is held hostage by Macedonia and Bulgaria, says PM Rama


    Albania is a hostage of the dispute between our neighbor North Macedonia and Bulgaria, said the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in his address to the Conference of Speakers of Parliaments of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative (SEE), which is being held in Tirana on Friday.
    Rama said there was no solution other than patience on this path and expressed concern about the many problems with the European integration process.
    “The process towards the EU is a neurotic process. Albania is a hostage of the impasse between our neighbor, North Macedonia and Bulgaria. This is one of the situations that the EU can create. There is no book or experience, no explanation of how it can be treated. How can you remain hostage to disputes between the two countries. But here it is, as Donald Trump used to say. We must not lose our patience and desire for Europe,” Rama said in his address.

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