Prices on the rise – minimum consumer basket reaches EUR 620, “heavier” by EUR 67 in one year


The value of the minimum consumer basket for a family of four in April this year is 38,104 denars or 620 euros and has increased by 1,337 denars, or 3.63 percent compared to March, according to data from the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM).

Most money or 16,458 denars (43.19 percent) in April was needed for food and beverages, followed by housing costs 11,627 denars (30.52 percent), followed by hygiene 2,672.88 denars or 6.90 percent.

According to the SSM calculations, for transportation a family of four needed 3,367.06 denars or 8.84 percent of the total basket, for clothes and shoes 2,176.03 denars or 5.71 percent, for culture 1 067.86 denars or 2 , 80, while for maintaining health, the previous month the citizens needed 778.47 denars or 2.04 percent.


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