The loan of EUR 900 million is an epic crime of DUI and the Government, says Mickoski


    Speaking about several current topics in the country in an interview with TV Telma’s “Top Tema”, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski once again explained that the EUR 900 million project is an epic crime of DUI and the Government.
    “I have explained before that I do not know the project Corridor 8 or as it is called from 900 million euros that has been advertised for some time, here we have a change in the ownership share of a construction company and I leave it to you as a medium to investigate whether that company was bought by an MP of DUI. The framework they are seeking from the IMF is 900m euros. Now I hear they have some problems here, interest rate turbulence, they expected it to be low, they did not receive money from a Eurobond before, so now they have turned to the IMF,” he explained.
    Mickoski called on the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption as well as other competent institutions to investigate after received information.

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