Bosses don’t want to work on Sundays and let their workers rest


The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) reacted sharply to the Ministry of Economy over the changing the law that will allow retail businesses to operate on Sundays.

“The Ministry of Economy has already allowed employers to work on their own on Sundays in tourist and retail trade and should be reminded that taking care of workers and their families and their inalienable right to protection of human dignity and family values, led by that workers and citizens can and should as tourists visit our tourist places and enjoy their beauties, by amending the Law on Trade and the Law on Labor Relations, SSM and other social partners through social dialogue ensured most workers, including trade workers, to be free and not to work on Sundays, and bosses to work.

“It must not be allowed because the bosses felt what it means to work on Sundays, to be denied that right, and to allow their workers to work again, and let them to rest”, said SSM.

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