Households will pay for electricity depending on how much they spend, to be most expensive for big consumers


The tariff system for payment of consumed electricity to households in the country will be changed, said the President of the Regulatory Commission for Energy and Water Services Marko Bislimovski at today’s press conference. Bislimoski announced in detail the changes in the tariff system for payment of electricity consumed by households. Those who consume the most will pay a higher price for electricity and vice versa. Consumers who use large amounts of electricity will pay a price close to the market, which is currently much more expensive.

“It is about the biggest changes in the tariff system so far, which are being prepared in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Four or three block tariffs will be introduced that will not apply to cheap electricity. We will be the first country in the region to apply blocks only for expensive electricity, because we believe that cheap electricity should remain, without any restrictions, because it suits our power system,” Bislimovski said.

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