Mickoski on Radev’s request to Macron for negotiating framework: If the Government accepts, it will mean a complete capitulation


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, regarding the request of the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev for written guarantees from Macron that Macedonia will respect the agreement with Bulgaria, stressed that this request of Radev is based on the declaration by the Bulgarian Parliament November 2019. If the Government agrees to include it in the negotiating framework, it would mean a complete capitulation, added Mickoski during his visit to the Municipality of Aerodrom.

“Sofia’s request is based on the declaration by the Bulgarian Parliament from November 2019 and it should be included in the negotiating framework, probably as Chapter 35. That is what Radev is asking for and says, until this is fulfilled, I cannot allow we have the first intergovernmental and I cannot allow the start of negotiations. That is the essence. When it comes to guarantees, I must say that I was the first in Macedonia to start talking about guarantees and then I was attacked by the Government. But we see that every smart man and patriot who loves his country and citizens, regardless of their affiliation, is moving in that direction, it is normal to have a mature international policy unlike our “tomato diplomacy” which we see as having serious oscillations”, said Mickoski.

The opposition leader also added that if such a request enters the negotiating framework, it will mean a complete capitulation, or that we will never have a European future and that VMRO-DPMNE does not even think of supporting such a thing in Parliament.

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