Armed incident in Skopje involves the Deputy Director of Public Security and the Chief of Police


In a restaurant called “Galaxy” in Chair, in the western part of the capital Skopje, late on Monday night a verbal argument took place in which a certain deputy director of the Public Security Bureau (police) was involved, accompanied by another person and the chief of the EURO Chair, Edmond Mirtezani, who went on a physical attack on the police chief.

At one point, according to the newsroom’s sources, the person who was in the company of the deputy director, for whom there is no information on the official website of the Ministry of Interior, pulled out a firearm and fired a bullet at Chief Mirtezani.

The assailant called the police, who when they went to detain the person, the deputy director ordered his immediate release.

The Foreign Ministry neither confirmed nor denied the incident, but eyewitnesses said a police inspection was conducted at the scene.

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