OMO “Ilinden” initiates procedure against Viktor Kanzurov


The association OMO “Ilinden” submitted an initiative to the regional prosecutor’s office in Sandanski and to the Bulgarian Commission for Protection against Discrimination to initiate proceedings against the Macedonian Bulgarian Viktor Kanzurov, and his wife Stanislava, who now live in Sofia, for dumping the wreaths placed on the Jane Sandanski monument in a garbage bin.

“On May 15, 2022, from a post on the social network Facebook, we learned that the person Viktor Kanzurov, deliberately committed obscene and hooligan activities, after removing the wreaths and flowers placed by OMO Ilinden and other Macedonian organizations in Bulgaria at the monument of Jane Sandanski in the town of Melnik and demonstratively trampled them and threw them into the trash. The announcement also shows that Viktor Kanzurov was accompanied by his wife Stanislava Kanzurova, who also participates in the activities. The wreaths placed in front of the monument have a significant value and are placed by us to express our respect and recognition for the work of Jane Sandanski.

The Facebook post comments are filled with hate speech, intimidation and threats against citizens with Macedonian self-awareness and self-determination in Bulgaria. In view of the above, please check the stated data for a public offense and in case it is determined, an appropriate procedure should be initiated, it is said in the request of OMO “Ilinden”, and as confirmation and evidence are submitted photos from Kanzurov’s announcement from May 15 this year, which show how the wreaths were taken down, trampled and thrown into the trash can.


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