Opposition demands responsibility for hiding facts about the Chair shooting


    Another sad and shameful day had passed for Macedonia with the Ministry of Interior under Oliver Spasovski. A day in silence and a day in hiding answers and facts, is Arif Asani, the second man in the PSB, the one in the blue shirt in the video who releases the shooter towards the police in Chair? Another day had passed without answers and responsibility from Oliver Spasovski and the Ministry of Interior for silence and concealment of criminal acts, shooting, false reports, hiding a video as evidence, participation of a DUI official in the Public Security Bureau in releasing a person detained after the shooting, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski told a press conference on Tuesday.
    “Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski is obliged to answer for the video on social media, to answer about the involvement of the Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau in the case, to answer whether the shooter had an arrest warrant for serving a prison sentence, to answer if and if so why does the police report not match the recorded event? Spasovski must no longer hide, he must be held responsible for hiding the facts about the shooting in Chair,” added Stoilkovski.

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