Bytyqi: Prices must not increase by 20% in 24 hours, inspection services will react


Companies that have raised prices in recent days will face an appropriate response from state institutions, because their behavior in the past three days is incorrect and immoral, said Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Bytyqi, in response to a media question about the introduction of anti-crisis measures on Friday.

“We are paying special attention to what is happening these three days on the free market. Certain companies behave incorrectly, unethically and immorally towards raising prices. It will soon receive a response from the institutions. We cannot accept that a price in 24 hours can rise by 20 percent when the production price must not go up in 24 hours by 20 percent. I think that this is just a manipulation they are doing to our citizens and for that, of course, the inspection services should react appropriately. I expect a report from the inspection services soon with measures for all those who have done that,” Bytyqi said.

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