Miloshoski: We need a law for the Constitutional Court and to be supported by all MPs


VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski in an interview with the”Morning Briefing” political show spoke about the need for a law on a constitutional court in Macedonia and such a law should be supported by all MPs. He says that what should be a principle in the procedure for election of constitutional judges, is that anyone who considers to be a prominent lawyer has the right to apply as a candidate and the applications cannot be hidden.

Miloshoski, as an example of hiding, stated that in May 2020 a letter arrived from a certain Antoaneta Dimovska with 25 years of judicial experience to the Parliament, to the Commission for Elections and Appointments and MPs, noting that it should reach all MPs, but such a document MPs did not received.

“If the biography was received by the MPs from VMRO-DPMNE, SDSM, DUI, independent MPs, maybe someone would be interested and give a proposal. But, it is obvious that here the proposals are not created in the Parliament, nor the biographies that we praise so much now as if they explain everything in the life of a person professionally or privately – are not appreciated. Her biography has been thrown in the trash, and it has arrived, we also have the archive number and the date when it arrived. Every president of a working body is obliged, every material that will reach them, and it is not personal, private material and refers to the Parliament and the MPs, they must share it with the MPs,” said Miloshoski.

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