Citizens that consume less electricity will pay less


    With the changes in the electricity tariff system announced by the Energy Regulatory Commission for consumers in the regulated market, namely for households there will be different prices, or different tariffs depending on energy consumption.
    Consumers will be divided into four blocks, in the first block are consumers who consume up to 210 kilowatt hours, in the second block are consumers who consume up to 420 kilowatt hours, then in the third block from 420 to 630 kilowatt hours, while in the fourth category are the largest consumers who consume over 630 kilowatt hours of energy.
    Additionally, with the new tariff model, the meters will be read every 35 days, so that there is no doubt that someone was charged a larger amount if the calculations enter next month, the President of the Regulatory Commission Marko Bislimoski said on Monday.

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