Inflation in Macedonia is 100 percent, according to VMRO-DPMNE calculations


The prices of basic groceries have doubled, a salary of 20,000 denars today, is like a salary of 10,000 denars last year. This is not just a political statement, this is what the prices on the shelves say. And this is not only the fault of some traders as Kovachevski and Bytyqi want to show, but also those who have been in power for 5 years, said the VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson MatijaMiteva on Tuesday.

“A year ago, a liter of oil was bought at a price of 60 denars, now the same oil from the same producer costs over 160 denars. A kilogram of sugar a year ago cost 35 denars, now it costs over 60 denars, the same is the case with flour and milk. A loaf of bread a year ago cost about 20 denars, now it is sold for up to 60 denars,” said Miteva.

The opposition spokesperson added that the stated prices refer to the basic food products and literally all of them show a 100% increase.

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