Government has spent EUR 5 million on renting high-end leasing vehicles, the SCPC suspects if it really needed the cars


In the period between2018-2021, the Government spent five million euros for renting vehicles through the so-called operational leasing, the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) said at its session on Thursday.

The Commission concluded that such agreements were most often concluded with the same economic operator that was favored, and did not precede an analysis of the profitability of renting vehicles through leasing, reports Nova TV.

Therefore, a detailed analysis will be submitted to the Deputy Prime Minister for Good Governance Policies Slavica Grkovska, with a recommendation to pay attention to concluding leasing agreements for filling the vehicle fleet of the Government and the institutions under its jurisdiction.

The analysis of the SCPC showed that the sale price of a vehicle model Skoda Superb Ambition 2.0 Comfortline that was procured for the ministers by leasing, in 2021 was approximately 39,000 euros for one, or 1,755,000 euros for 45 vehicles (107,932,500 denars). This is a value that in case of purchase of the vehicles SOZR would pay, and after the expiration of three years they would remain in the ownership of SOZR. During the leasing, the vehicles are used with a certain monthly fee to the car showroom, and after the expiration of three years, they are returned back, in good and driving condition.


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