Spasovski and SDSM are hiring party soldiers in the MoI, former mayors are hired in the police, GRECO recommendations are not respected and the career system is destroyed

Dragan Kovachki

The Social Democratic Union (SDSM) and Oliver Spasovski, shamelessly, without any prior qualification, employed many of the former mayors in the Ministry of Interior. Spasovski is directly influencing the police through his party, which will further contribute the Ministry of Interior instead of being a guarantor of the laws and security of citizens, to be a source of crime and corruption, MP and member of the VMRO- DPMNE EC Dragan Kovachki told the media on Thursday.

The opposition MP informed that after the loss of the elections in the Ministry of Interior, the former mayors Boris Georgievski from Gazi Baba, Sasho Jankovski from Vevchani, Blagoj Iliev from Konche, Goran Krstev – Grga from Cheshinovo Obleshevo, all the mayors from the ranks of SDSM who lost the race for a second term were hired by the Minister.

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