Rama points out who he mocked with his “Western Bulgaria” comment


You do not know whether to laugh or cry because of the hysteria of some in Skopje towards Prime Minister Kovachevski, after the video of the handshake with Chancellor Scholz in Thessaloniki was release, where I mocked the ugly blockade of North Macedonia by Bulgaria, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced today on Twitter after calling North Macedonia Western Bulgaria at the Thessaloniki summit, to which Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski laughed.

At the SEECEP summit in Thessaloniki on Friday, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakis Mitsotakis, representing German Chancellor Olaf Scholz,’s Macedonian counterparts, stormed in and told Kovachevski that he was the future prime minister of “Western Bulgaria”.

Rama and Kovachevski were the target of criticism, due to an undiplomatic joke, as well as the fact that the Macedonian Prime Minister did not respond to that, but just laughed.


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