Debate on Budget Review begins, expenditures planned at EUR 4.7 billion, up 5.9% from projections


The Parliamentary Committee on Finance and Budget will start the debate on the Budget Review on Monday.

The total revenues are planned at the level of 245.8 billion denars and are about 6.9 billion denars or 2.9 percent higher than the initial budget projections. The amount of total expenditures is 288.5 billion denars (4.7 billion euros) or about 161.1 billion denars (5.9 percent) more than the initial projections with the plan for 2022. The capital expenditures are planned at the level of 32.2 billion denars and are about six billion denars lower than the plan for 2022, but the government announces that the projects for construction of roads, railways, gas pipelines will continue, etc.



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