Kovachevski: We have not received an aligned proposal from EU members


At the moment, we have not received a proposal that is aligned at the level of all member states of the European Union. If the member states, including the Republic of Bulgaria, agree on a proposal regarding the enlargement of the next summit, then it will be sent to us and we as such will consider it and give our remarks, said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski in Ohrid, where he participated in Prespa Forum for Dialogue on Friday.
Kovachevski stressed that we have very clear positions, i.e. that the Macedonian language and identity are not discussed and that the negotiating framework is a multilateral document that will have to be approved by all member states and will allow closing all open issues through the process. we have them in the EU accession process.
The Prime Minister stressed that the solution should contain an overall solution and guarantees that with this there will be no other requirements regarding our further progress in EU integration.

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