Osmani: There will be an official position on the French proposal when the time comes


We have not formally received a proposal, it should reach us as a candidate after the Union harmonizes its position. Of course, I have a way to access that document, we make an analysis, but we will state our position on all issues when the time comes, when we think it will be in our interest to do so, said Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani on Saturday.
“There is a proposal from the presidency to the member states, including the Republic of Bulgaria, to comment on certain ideas that the French presidency considers to be the basis for continuing the process. I do not think it is in our interest for us to state our position on such proposals until we have heard the positions of the member states, after the member states have expressed their views, which are 26 Member States, each with its own position,” Osmani said.

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