Pendarovski tells Etnos: The chances of securing a two-thirds majority for the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution are slim


In an interview with the Greek newspaper Etnos, Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski indicates that Russia produces extremely serious hybrid threats to the entire Balkan region, especially political propaganda and a disinformation campaign.

Regarding the French proposal, President Pendarovski repeated that for him it is a sort of transitional compromise with a roadblock inserted along the way.

“After 17 years in the waiting room, we would finally start accession negotiations and that is the biggest benefit from it. However, after the screening process, there is one prerequisite for the continuation of the negotiations, and that is the amendment with which the Bulgarians should be inserted into the Macedonian Constitution. Taking into account the current political division, the chances are very low that any political party could secure a two-thirds majority in the parliament that would support that constitutional amendment,” said the head of state.



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