Pendarovski awards the Order of the Republic of Macedonia on the occasion of Ilinden


 On the occasion of the commemoration of August 2nd, Ilinden – Republic Day, President Stevo Pendarovski on Tuesday awarded the Order of the Republic of Macedonia, the Order of Military Merit and the Medal for Courage at a solemn ceremony.

Krste Crvenkovski was posthumously awarded the Order of the Republic of Macedonia for his special, strategic, long-lasting and unique contribution to the foundation and development of the Macedonian state and Macedonian society.

He is one of the most significant, progressive and leading politicians in the history of Macedonian statehood, who leaves lasting values ​​in the development of political culture.

With the Order of Military Merit, the President posthumously honors Nevena Nikolova Georgieva – Dunja, for her extraordinary courage, sacrifice, steadfastness and for her leadership role in the anti-fascist struggle in the workers’ and trade union movements, who advocated for social justice, which she obliged our country with his heroic work and his example of dedication to the common goal and the common struggle for a better and more just world.

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