CPPD: The presence of the Bulgarian consul during the announced inspection of the Cultural Center in Bitola is perceived by the Commission as an attempt to influence


The Commission for the Prevention and Protection against Discrimination (CPPD) perceives the presence of the Consul General of Bulgaria, Dimitar Ivanov, during the announced inspection of the premises of the “Ivan Mihailov” Cultural Center in Bitola, as an attempt to influence its work.

CPPD informs that after a complaint for discrimination was submitted by an association of citizens against the “Ivan Mihailov” Cultural Center, an announced inspection was carried out yesterday in the premises of the Center in Bitola.

“During the inspection, contrary to previous practices, it was established that apart from the representatives of the Association, the Consul General of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Dimitar Ivanov, was also present. The Commission perceives his presence during the performance of its legal responsibilities as an attempt to influence the work of this independent body for equality, but also as an opportunity to instrumentalize the Commission for political purposes, for which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed the Ministry,” reads the CPPD press release.

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