Pendarovski signed decrees for ambassadors to Bulgaria and Belgium without interviews


Apart from Rusi Popovska, the Macedonian head of state Stevo Pendarovski also gave the green light to Metodija Belevski as ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, Evgenija Ilieva to the Slovak Republic, Agron Buxhaku to Canada, and Driton Kuqi is leaving for the Kingdom of Norway.

Ilieva, Buxhaku and Kuqi presented their priorities before the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Policy this week, but President Pendarovski decided to bypass the Committee and signed the decrees for Rusi Popovska and Belevski without them first presenting their theses to the MPs of this committee, with which VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Miloshoski presides, reports Kanal 5 TV.

The Office of President Pendarovski told Kanal 5 TV that there were no oversights in the legal procedure.

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