Constitutional Court to decide on “Sunday work day” on Wednesday


The Constitutional Court will hold a hearing on Wednesday on the report that was prepared following a previously submitted initiative by the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia, and it refers to the contested Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Labor Relations, which in its content includes “working on Sundays”.

The initiative states that a day of weekly rest can be any other day of the week, that a salary supplement for work on Sundays in the amount of at least 50 percent for each hour spent at work has been determined, and for those reasons inequality of citizens before the laws, The initiative contains allegations that with this legal solution, employers from economic activities that are prohibited from working on Sundays (non-metallic mineral products) have an equal legal position in terms of paying the tax and other public duties to the state that are determined by law are placed in an unequal legal position with employers from economic activities who are allowed to work on Sundays, in terms of earning income and profit, informs the Court.

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