Bekteshi: Schools on a regulated market for uninterrupted classes


Elementary and secondary schools in the territory of the entire country will be on a regulated market, regardless of the fact that the responsibility for ensuring the educational process lies with the municipalities. This means that we create conditions for uninterrupted classes with a lower price of electricity, in contrast to the stock market price, which is high due to the military aggression against Ukraine and the lack of energy. In addition, all public health institutions will be provided with electricity through ESM sales at a more favorable price than the stock exchange price, said Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi in an interview with Alsat TV’s 360 Degrees show.
“All this cannot have a negative impact because the primary and secondary schools will be placed on the regulated market, but the clinics and hospitals in general will be supplied by the ESM, which is also engaged in electricity
trading at prices that are affordable for the normal operation of the clinics. The general production price of the ESM is currently somewhere around 70 euros per megawatt hour, and certainly primary schools and secondary schools will be subsidized at the same price by the Government, this also applies to clinics and hospitals, and in the future certainly also to other institutions which, as I pointed out, are of particular importance for the normal functioning of our country”, said Bekteshi.

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