The Parliament needs a new Rules of Procedure, Xhaferi says


It is obvious that the Parliament needs a new Rules of Procedure, because whoever comes to work with the current Rules of Procedure, will have a problem, said Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi at a press briefing on Thursday.

Xhaferi announced that he has called a meeting of MP groups on Friday regarding the Jean Monnet process, which covers exactly the work of the Rules of Procedure. Such a meeting regarding the Rules of Procedure has not been held for a long time, which was noted in the Report of the European Commission.

At the meeting with the media, he said that the MPs in the framework of the Jean Monnet process should review the articles in the Rules of Procedure starting from article 132 onwards.

According to the Parliament Speaker, such Rules of Procedure should be adopted in a regular procedure, in two readings and with an amendment hearing. Xhaferi believes that with the new Rules of Procedure, many ambiguities and problems arising from the current work document of the Parliament should be resolved, but certain restrictions should also be made, both in the adoption of certain laws and in the election of certain officials.


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