3,660 stray dog attacks in the past 3 years, mass sterilization must be conducted, says Angelov


According to the analyzes from the Ministry of the Interior requested by the CMC on the attacks by stray dogs in the last three years, the director of the Center for Crisis Management (CMC) StojancheAngelov says that the data are really serious. Namely, in 2020 there are 1062 attacks by stray dogs on people, in 2021 there are 1315 reported attacks, in 2022 until the end of October 1283 dog attacks. Or, a total of 3660 attacks in the last three years.

“What makes the situation even more serious, of these attacks on people, 498 are on children. If we add to that that there is a certain number of attacks that we do not have in the system, then the situation is even more alarming. The total numbers in the last three years by city – in Skopje – 1,853 stray dog attacks, in Kichevo – 439, Veles – 250, Struga – 177, Tetovo – 170, Bitola – 149, in Prilep – 122, Gostivar – 98, Kumanovo – 75, Ohrid – 50,” said Angelov.

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