VMRO-DPMNE: Inflation in Macedonia was created by the incompetence of the SDSM/DUI Government, it was not imported!


For seven months in a row, there has been a monthly drop in the global food price index, or the annual growth of food prices has slowed down. In contrast, in Macedonia, the annual growth of food prices has been increasing for twelve months in a row! At the same time, the volume of domestic production in the food industry has recorded an annual decline for five quarters in a row, which means that the domestic supply of food is decreasing, and prices are rising, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Wednesday.

“Companies in Macedonia in the first half of 2022 paid (and are still paying) one of the highest prices for electricity in Europe. All previous measures by the Government have not had an effect, and the measure for subsidizing the price of electricity for the food industry that produces basic products, is late and passed when the prices of food are up to the ceiling!,” reads the opposition party’s press release.


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